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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 7, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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coastal towns evacuated overnight in japan after a large earthquake triggers a small tsunami. we'll show you the pictures coming into the newsroom this morning. a football fan tumbles 0 feet to 50 feet at the stadium. we'll tell you why authorities are investigating. and a new jobs out. the news is good but analysts say it may be misleading. >> reporter: and could same-sex marriage be legal in california? the big decision the u.s. supreme court is deciding on this morning. moat moat starts right now. -- moat dash. good morning. we begin with the overnight
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earthquake in -- mornings os on 2 starts right now. >> good morning. we begin with the overnight earthquake in japan. today's quake was felt nearly 300 feet in tokyo -- near tokyo. it did shake for several minutes. certainly rattled nerves. >> the quake did touch off a 3- foot high tsunami at a coastal city. there were no monster waves and there have been numerous aftershocks including one measuring 6.2. the latest from oakland, a man at the see yum last night -- at the coliseum last night at the game fell 30 feet down. he was seriously hurt. christien kafton is live with more. what do you know? >> reporter: well, we know
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there are a lot of questions about what happened. sometime right around kickoff at last night's game, a man either fell or jumped from the third-level concourse. you can see just how high the fall would be. the man either fell or -- about 30, 50 feet. he fell last night during the raiders/broncos' game. there are conflicting reports whether the fan fell accidentally or whether -- or whether he jumped. it's a very long drop and say incidents like this have happened at the coliseum or other places in the -- places in the country. >> i've heard about that
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happening. if you are not paying attention, you can fall and unfortunately, he fell yesterday. >> reporter: the workers took him to highland hospital, with serious injuries. so far, authorities are not releasing his identity. the raiders have released a statement saying they have no information beyond what investigators are releasing. but their thoughts and prayers are with the family. we're still trying to get into contact with the sheriff opportunities and police to find out more about this incident, specifically about whether this was an accidental fall or whether he jumped. there are a lot of discrepancies. for now we're live in oakland, christien kafton, channel 2 news. the oakland s.w.a.t. team surrounded an anticipate complex at -- apartment complex. the s.w.a.t. activity, it ended about 2:00 this morning. still no word if any arrests were made.
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once again we're waiting to hear from the supreme court to see if the just is are going to rule on california's proposition 8. the justices are meeting in conference right now and brian flores is in the castro district with what we might hear from the high court today. >> reporter: we're expecting some type of action from the u.s. supreme court on proposition 8 which is the state ruling on same-sex marriage. there may be no action at all. this is a similar situation what wee saw on monday where the justices -- we saw on monday where the justices were deciding the case. the first decision, they could refuse to lower the ruling and that would mean that prop 8 is illegal and then gay marriages could happen next week.
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the second, the court could decide to hear the case and if that happens, a ruling could come by -- could come by june next year and then any action would be put on hold until further notice. as we take it back out here live, we'll keep you updated on the situation and we'll get any reaction if any ruling is done, brian flores, back to you. john boehner says he wants to negotiate directly with president obama. he has asked that senate leaders and house minority leader nancy pelosi be excluded from future talks. well, the closely-watched monthly unemployment report released this morning was better than expected.
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the economy added 146,000 jobs in november and the unemployment rate fell to a four-year low of 7.7%. coming up at 7:15, how this morning's job report impacts thefully negotiation -- impacts the fiscal cliff negotiation. a youth group visiting florida got robbed. the group made of you of 24 teenagers and said they were eating in a restaurant in fort lauderdale, florida about an hour after they arrived for a weekend youth conference. they say thieves stole $12,000 cash. one member of the group was able to have money wired to them. so they were able to spend last night in a hotel. we have no word yet if that group will return to oakland today. funeral services will be held this weekend for two teenaged girs shot to death in oakland last month. funeral services will be held
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for ra chef at cooper's -- raquel at cooper's and the girls were found last month near brookdale park. they had been shot as many as 36 times. no arrests have been made as of yet. today is the 71st anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. bay area survivors will mark the day by marking the been to on mt. diablo at desk. >> the eye of diablo was turned off on teague 8th, the day after the attack. so it would not be a , so it would not be a guide for -- so it would not be a guide for enemy planes. let's get you going this morning. tara says there is a traffic hazard in oakland. what happened? >> we have a big rig at the macarthur maze. traffic is a little bit
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sluggish there. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have some backup. give yourself extra time to get into san francisco. the metering lights are on. in san francisco 101, you can see traffic moving along very swimmingly here in the southbound direction on the right side of your screen towards sfo. 680, you can see that the fog has really moved in here, we were seeing it in patches in the danville/dublin area. be careful and drive slowly. 7:08. let's head to rosemary. it's a crisp start to the morning. temperatures rolling back in the 30s. the sun is coming, 7:10, 7:15, depending upon where you live. the official sunrise will have sunshine in store for your afternoon. many of us waking up to sunshine. we're cloudy to mostly cloudy in san jose. some of us waking up with fog. we have visibility down to a quarter mile. fairfield reporting, fog at
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times, napa down to a quarter mile as well as nova toe. your visibility could drop off suddenly as you make your morning drive. we're seeing the chilliest numbers over the north bay. with the chilly conditions and calm conditions, setting the stage for cold numbers, the possibility for fog over the north bay. upper 30s in napa. off to the east bay. we're looking at the fog spilling in the central valley. be prepared. a lot of fog reported in that area. ridge of high pressure will continue to stretch into the bay area at some point bringing us an offshore breeze. i will be tracking that for you. but wean now and then -- but between now and then,
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unseasonably colder weather into next weekend. 61 san francisco. 62 in oakland. low 60s, concord and, antioch, hayward down into the south bay. 63 san jose. 63 mountain view. low 60s palo alto as well as redwood city, the extended forecast, a little warming trend into the weekend. it's just going to be nice. mild weather will continue through about tuesday. back to you. 7:10. vale police arrested -- vallejo police arrested a squatter. the paper reports the attack happened on tuesday in the 700 block of florida street. the chairman says a female quarter chased them with a knife. they ran away and took a cell phone picture the of the -- picture of the woman holding the night. angel thomas has been booked on
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suspicion of assault. we're also getting more information about a shooting death last month. police arrested three men in connection with the november 14th death of -- of one jose hernandez. the suspects went to an apartment where they thought the thief was. >> there was an argument, several people were involved. hernandez was killed. police say he didn't have anything to do with the theft of that laundry. just when things were looking up, contract talks, once again, broke down. what that could mean for the rest of the nhl season. also, word of bringing manufacturing pack back home. what the ceo of apple is saying about products to be made in the usa. partly sunny &c&c1 &c&c1 made in the usa. n
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a man's body was found in a grocery store parking lot yesterday outside of nob hill foods. the man was identified as 53- year-old aldon mau. the new york man shoved to death has been laid to rest. funeral services were held yesterday for the victim, ki- suck han. his daughter was there clutching a photograph. many wonder why passengers department try to save him. from where i was, i could scream my lungs out, probably
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no one would have heard it and since my camera is always on. >> you tight that might have warned the con-- you thought that might have warned the conductor? >> the suspect, naeem davis, is being held on bail. he claims han would not leave him aloin and was -- him alone and was drunk. some economists say democrats have numbers on their side for this fiscal cliff. >> reporter: more hiring could mean more support for president obama's agenda. here's what we learned from the labor department this morning. 146,000 jobs were added in november. that's almost double what some experts had predicted -- projected. the unemployment rate is the best we've seen in four years,
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down to 7.7% from 7.9% the month before. now, economists say these numbers are huge for fiscal cliff negotiations. they back president obama's argument that the economy is doing well enough to handle attack -- handle a tax hike for wealthier americans. >> the fact that this this report is strong, i think puts a little bit of wind in his sails. >> reporter: john boehner is holding a news conference here on capitol hill. he's now lead -- he's now leading the negotiations with president obama. we will show -- we will show you -- tell you what he has to say coming up next hour. starting next year, apple will start making some of its products here in the u.s. apple's ceo tim cook says one of its manufacturing operations will be moved here from china. it's not clear where that
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assembly plant will be. that announcement comes as criticism is mounting. well, clorox corporation has a deal with a san diego- based investor to sell its headquarters building in downtown san diego. west core properties agreed to buy the 24-story building on broadway. the terms of the deal, that has not been disclosed. but analysts estimate that building may have sold for $90 million. a lease arrangement will allow clorox to keep the headquarters in the building. it may be the most opulent gift card of all time. look at this. starbucks stainless steel gift card. they are announcing plans to open up 1500 new locations. that card cost $450. but it will be worth $400 in store credit.
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if will only be sold on there is a follow up to the parade crash in texas. four veterans died. of officials now say no charges are going to be -- officials now say no charges are going to be filed. he tried to cross the tracks but a prosecutor says he won't make any decisions until a final report is completed. the collision also injured 16 people. police in mill valley have arrested a kopra. he's suspected of steal morgue than $40,000 from a woman who lived at the marin terrace a -- terrace assisted linking facility. there are charges on there -- living facility. there are charges on there, that they say she cannot -- could not have made. who will be watching?
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there -- >> who will be watching? >> the owner of marin terrace lives in santa barbara and is not on site regularly. 7:19. bad news for the nhl lockout situation. talks in new york, they broke off. the league took almost everything it had proposed off the table. the league rejected the latest proposal. now the nhl season is in danger of being canceled altogether. it's cold out there this morning. but a warming trend is in store for your weekend. look at that gorgeous sunrise. up next, rosemary will tell you what you can expect for your neighborhoods. and more problems for cat williams -- katt williams. an arrest warrant was just issued. here is a look at highway 24. you can see a lot more fox on the roads. we'll tell you what the hot
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spots are when it comes to traffic -- next.
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new legal problems who now says he's retired from standup comedy. an arrest warrant has been issued for a police chase in downtown sacramento last month. the police say katt williams -- katt williams almost hit five people. katt williams -- katt williams did not show up for an arraignment in seattle. despite all of the controversy, his manager says he's not retiring and he will continue his nationwide tour. well, george zimmerman, the florida man charged with fatally shooting trayvon martin, filed a defamation lawsuit against nbc universal. the lawsuit is in response to several edited versions of zimmer plan's 911 call that ran
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on nbc in march. zimmerman claims as a racist. zimmerman claims he shot 17- year-old trayvon martin in self- defense. let's go out to tara moriarty in for sal. getting heavier, tara? >> that's right. along 80, near the -- right along 88 near the dumb barton, we have some -- dumbarton, we have some traffic there. be aware of that. up next, let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see that the metering lights are on and i would give yourself an extra 15 to 20
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minutes to get into san francisco this morning. those metering lights have been on since about 6:00. down in the south bay, 101, you can see traffic on the right- hand side of your screen. you can see the brake lights. those are headed northbound toward the airport. we experience a little slowdown at this time of the morning but it's not too bad. we have a nice afternoon in store for your friday. this morning, quite cold out here, some of us, even a few degrees above freezing. giving you a look at the blue sky. we have a little bit of patches of fog there crossing over. but some of us dealing with thicker fog. it's right along the ground. napa, reporting visibility down to a quarter mile. this allows for the colder temperatures and the fog to form. 38 in santa rosa. livermore, down in and around to the bay area, we're looking at temperatures in the mid- to
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upper 40s. so we'll continue with the fog through the morning hours, patchy and dense in some cases. the sun is now up, our temperatures will begin to turn around. by the afternoon, low 60s in the forecast with partly cloudy, mostly cloudy skies. your extended forecast, a minor warmup as we head into the weekend, low to mid-60s. mid- to upper 60s on sunday. >> we're following some breaking news out of london this morning. a phone prank has ended in tragedy. we're live in san jose where a fire breaks out at two popular restaurants. we'll tell you about the damage and how it is affecting neighboring businesses this morning. you won't take my life.
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is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. the nurse who was duped into giving out personal information about the duchess of cambridge has committed suicide. two australians from a radio station tricked her into giving out information about the duchess. the nurse was found inside a home near the hospital. an investigation into her death
7:30 am
is still ongoing. this morning the power is out at a san jose shopping center. the shopping center is on san felipe road and janine de la vega is live at the scene now with what's happening with those businesses. janine? >> reporter: well, it's up in the air if these businesses are even going to open. there's no fire damage on the outside. but there's no electricity in this entire building.
7:31 am
customers hoping to go in were turned away. >> i'm hoping it gets fixed right away. i would love to see it tomorrow. it needs to be open. >> for coffee? >> yeah. >> reporter: employees were sitting inside the restaurant in the dark with candles this morning. they have called managers for help. electrical workers who came to replace outside lighting on neighboring buildings were not able to fix the problem. the fire officials say they believe the cause was electrical because the origin of the fire was behind the electrical side on the outside of the building. back out here live again, it's unknown when the electricity is gonna turn on in this building. the two businesses don't open up until 10:00 a.m. we haven't seen any sign of managers or employees. so we're hoping to have an
7:32 am
update later. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. police are looking for a young man who stabbed a 74-year- old man in downtown gilroy near lewis and monterey streets near the gilroy public library. police say the victim was stabbed in the torso but is expected to survive. his attacker is white, in his 20s with blond hair wearing dirty, tan-colored clothing. police investigating bullying at an amendmentary school apparently made girl think about suicide. the parents found a suicide note m her bedroom. they claim two boys had been harassing their daughter with lewd comments. the parents called vallejo police and an investigation has begun. san francisco city college may have a new financial crisis. lorraine blanco is live with new information on what
7:33 am
may be threatening funding for the school. >> reporter: we talked with veteran. and the college needs to enroll 34,000 students to keep the funding. last year, the school enrolled 32,600 students and it was put on probation. administrators expect to fall thousands short this school year. it's the second year in a row. the state could fund the college at a lower rate next year. that's likely to result in courses being offered and layoffs. >> we need the courses and the classes, taking these -- we need to take these extracurricular classes. there's sol things that i want to do -- some things that i want to do and if they cut the funding, i wrote be able to say.
7:34 am
>> reporter: he says he wants -- i won't be able to take them. >> reporter: he says he wants to stay here. a big deadline looms for the school to keep its accreditation. 7:33. california stem cell agency -- a california stem cell agency is being criticized for the way their grant is awarded. california institute for regenerative medicine donated about half of the $3 billion bond that state voters approved eight years ago. the report found that too many members of the governing board were received from others.
7:35 am
the examiner reports that ogali lashed out a group yesterday -- out at a group yesterday. she was apointed to the board of supervisors -- appointed to the board of supervisors after mirkarimi was elected as sheriff. fund-raising records were shattered by both president obama and mitt romney raising more than $2 billion. campaign finance recordsrd show president obama raised $1.1 million. mitt romney was close behind with 1.01 million. a month -- a month after being re-elected president obama's rating is up to 57%. that's the highest rating since navy s.e.a.l.s killed osama bin
7:36 am
laden. 7:35. the national football league says it would help the oakland raiders, build a new stadium. roger goodell says it is crucial that the raiders approve their stadium situation and that the nfl would help for a new one. the raiders have held talks about a new stadium but no progress has been reported. changes could be coming to the nfl next year. why some want those kickoffs to be eliminated and what might replace it. an 18-year-old palo alto man is in jail that injured three people. two people were hurt. one man was arrested.
7:37 am
they suspect road rage or a dispute. darnell and tanya washington are in court expected to enter murder pleas in the case of susie co. they were arrested in the seattle area. joseph naso will not be tried until april. she's charged with -- he's charged with killing four people. the 78-year-old was originally scheduled to go to trial but it was rescheduled for january when he said he needed more time to prepare because he's representing him efis -- representing himself. he says he can't be ready next month because of the volume of reports he has received. 7:36. part wants to help military veterans get a report. a new hiring policy was reported.
7:38 am
one that gives veterans a chance over prospective employees. this new policy begins at the beginning of the new year. let's now -- 7:37. let's go to tara moriarty in the traffic center with an accident in the east bay, right, tara? >> we have an accident in livermore on 580 been at the livermore off-- westbound at the livermore offramp. we're gonna show you an injury accident on 880, i don't know which direction it's going but it is hesperian boulevard. we'll keep an eye on it for you. it looks like there's traffic backed up in the northbound direction and the southbound direction. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see we have gridlock all the way to macarthur maze. those metering lights are on. >> down in the south bay, this is a look at the san mateo bridge. traffic on the right-hand side
7:39 am
has been a little bit sluggish as you drive to foster city. here's rosemary. happy friday, a jacket for the little ones, definitely a good idea of the we're waking up anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees colder. a live look over the bay. it's a beautiful day in most cases. just patches of fog out there this morning. if you are along the valley, you have to deal with dense fog in some spots. take it easy this morning, it will be burning off as we progress through the morning hours. we have a ridge of high pressure that's building in for your weekend. that will drive our temperatures above the seasonal average starting with today. right now at this hour, the conditions very calm out there. so with the clear skies -- so with the clear skies and calm conditions, the fog will develop in areas like napa, visibility down to a quarter of a mile. fairfield, livermore, visibility down to a quarter of a mile. mostly cloudy skies over san jose and the clouds have been the blanket because we're still
7:40 am
holding onto the upper 40s and 50s. some of the colder spots definitely are inland low-lying areas. 40 in livermore, 39 in concord. upper 30s in napa, novato. 36 in santa rosa right now. 40 in calistoga. the sun is up. we'll see this turn around. we're in the 9:00 hour and we will see in the 40s. by about 10:00 we're feeling better. we have low to mid-50s and then for your noontime, low 60s in the afternoon. 61 expected for san francisco today. 61 for berkeley. 62 in hayward. low 60s for concord. napa, santa rosa into the south bay, you are looking at some nice weather. mountain view, 63. morgan hill, san jose. low 60s, mostly cloudy skies in santa cruz. your extended forecast here, we continue this bit of warm up as -- warmup as we move into the
7:41 am
weekend. we do see the possibility of maybe some wind cupping our way as sunday as an offshore breeze will help -- will develop. meanwhile, mostly sunny skies and mild weather in the forecast for the next several days. well, a stretch of highway 101 or highway 1 that was closed down because of the recent wet weather could be back open by noon. that closure is between jenner and timber road. wednesday's storm caused mud and rock slides and -- rock slides. crews are working to stabilize the hillside. detours will continue until they are finished. breaking news from europe. a plot to assassinate hillary clinton is foiled. the dramatic actions police had to take to seize a bomb. and cooks across the country followed her lead when it came to making her thanksgiving seats perfect. but now martha stewart may be
7:42 am
paying the price with her health. and what police are saying backed in frozen meat and what they are going to do with it. [ male announcer ] steak combos. featured now at sizzler. tri tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp. starting at just $9.99. sizzler.
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there is a look at the big board for you. we've had a rough day. we talked about the good government job numbers that have come in. but apple, not doing great. breaking news out of
7:45 am
london. i want to show you some new video of secretary clinton where she's meeting with northern ireland leers. police arrested four ira members on suspicion of plotting a bomb. media star martha stewart says she had to stay in the bed for days last month because of a salmonella infection. stewart said she thinks she got it by handling so many turkeys around thanksgiving. salmonella is a common form of food poisoning. it can happen when food is not properly cooked. investigators in new mexico trying to figure out how a loaded gun ended up in a frozen package of meet. it was a semi-automatic pistol packed inside of a shipment of
7:46 am
frozen meet. -- frozen meat. police say the pistol had not been reported. >> we could speck lay on a lot of things. it can have been someone just dropped it there -- speculate on a lot of things. it could have been something that someone just dropped there or -- it could be a hundred different things. >> police say the worker cleaned off the gun about turning it over to the police which will make it harder to trace for evidence. there are some clues. investigators know the meat came from colorado and that it was packaged in june of 2011. a nevada woman is recovering from milds from bite after being lost for six months in the remote area of the sierra. paula lane's brother found her crawl iance long the road in alpine valley wednesday night. she and her boyfriend were
7:47 am
sight-seeing last week when the car got stuck. her boyfriend got out to find help but never returned. she then got out and found her boyfriend's body while crawing -- while crawling down the road. the nfl has moved the kickoff from the 0 to the 35 -- from the 30 to the 35 guard line. >> we want -- yard line. we want to see the -- we want to see the kick off. a man is in the hospital after falling over 30 feet at last night's raiders' game. coming up his condition and the questions about his condition. new information about an
7:48 am
east bay teenager who committed suicide over allegations of inappropriate conduct. what we've learned from court documents that are just unsealed. the outbreak is thousands of miles away. why san francisco health officials are still issuing a warning. hear about that and who they say are most at risk. n
7:49 am
7:50 am
the carcass of a 40,000- pound whale is riding in malibu. down in southern california, it's on a private beach. now, that carcass is near the home of star like bob dylan and barbra streisand. authorities were hoping to drag it out to see -- sea today but a fire inspector says that won't hurt even at high speed because the carcass is too badly decompose and it's stuck in the mud. a lot of flooding in the philippines. these pictures show it, days
7:51 am
after a deadly typhoon hit the phillippines. this is video. crews, well, they pulled several stranded people to safety, including children. rescuers are still having trouble getting to many survivors in some of the hardest hit areas. 400 confirmed dead. hundreds more still missing. we told you about a woman who survived being stranded six days in the snow in the sierra. experts say there are several things you can do to survive something like that. first they say stay in your car and make sure someone can see it. either you have a lot on inside. be sure to carry warm clothes, a blanket and a flash. and if you are in an isolated area, the best idea experts say is to ration food and wait for help. >> the probability of you being
7:52 am
found in the car is higher than going out looking for help. hypothermia sets up very quickly in the sierra. >> experts say if you have to get out of the car, bait for a break in the weather and stay on the roadway and always let someone know where and when you are going and be aware changing conditions. there's new information about a former albany middle school teacher who killed himself after being caulked of -- accused of sex crimes. according to unseemed according to unsealed documents, he exchanged thousands of text with an e- mail and mondayleed and kissed -- and fondled and kissed a student. he was arrested and and a few days after that he committed -- and a few days after that, he committed suicide. john mcafee was briefly in
7:53 am
the hospital in gut gut law ar- - guatemala. martin savidge is live in guatemala city. you've been working on this story for a long time. martin? >> reporter: yeah, dave. i think today is gonna be a crucial day at least for the legal team of john mcafee as they attempt to pull out one last-minute stay to prevent him from being deported back to bozize. he's been in hiding from belize authorities who say they don'tly want to question him about the death of his american neighbor, greg fall. yet, he feels he's threatened by the authorities. you know, dramatic, he says he -- he came here to guatemala where he felt safe. and he hired and attorney -- an attorney and was seen very public. we saw him in belize. and yet it is here where he was arrested. he was brought in because he
7:54 am
entered this country illegally. he asked for asylum. that's been denied. so it is anticipated he will head back to belize to answer questions. dave? >> thank you for the latest information from guatemala on john mcafee. thank you. 7:53. well, san francisco health officials are telling gay men to get vaccinated for meningitis if they plan to travel to new york. 12 cases have been identified in gay men in new york in the past year. three men have been diagnosed in the past week. this affects the tissues surrounding the brain and spinal cord and it's spread by intimate contact. >> this is not airborne and not a concern of someone sitting on
7:55 am
an airplane. it really is be fluid exchanges. in an effort to stop foam products, action is being taken. chlorinated triss, officials say products with that carcinogen include nap mats, changing pads and even crib mattress pads. as i drove in this morning, a little soupy out there. >> i noticed that out there. that fog is still out there, right, tara? tear tara -- tara is watching it from the traffic center. >> that's right. let's take a look at the east shore freeway. it's sluggish from the vallejo area down to berkeley. westbound traffic as you drive from the m l acarthur maze to
7:56 am
the bay bridge -- from the macarthur maze to the bay bridge. slow going near 280 northbound near santa clara and we have heavy traffic on 880 northbound through hayward and san leandro because of an accident at lieu eling boulevard -- lewelling boulevard. let's check in with rosemary. thank you, tara. patchy and dense fog in napa, novato, livermore. giving you a live look at some sunshine bouncing off that building what. a gorgeous start to the -- what a gore says start to the day -- gorgeous start to the day. we'll see the fog through the next hour or so. getting through the 8:00 hour still gonna be quite chilly. by about 10:00 or so, feeling
7:57 am
better, low to mid-50 and then your lunch hour. 62 in hayward. 61 in san francisco. low 60s redwood city, san jose into morgan hill. the extended forecast. the temperatures will warm average by several degrees. afternoon highs mid- to upper 60s back to you. just as some employees get whack to -- get back to work. the new group of workers who say they could be hitting picket lanes during one of the busiest seasons for the port of oakland. swee have new information about a man who took a dangerous fall here in oakland. that's coming up. and could same-sex marriage be once again legal in -- legal in california? ñ?
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wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm claudine wong in for tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. just hours ago, around midnight our time, japan had a
8:00 am
huge earthquake. it was a magnitude 7.3 quake in the where thes off -- waters off northeastern japan. the quake they had today sent people running out into the streets. you can see women there wearing safety masks. electrical and phone lines dangled from power poles. the high rises swayed for several minutes. now, a coastal city did report a three-foot high tsunami. but no large waves. there have been several aftershocks. a couple of 5.0 tremors as well. a man suffered serious injuries after surning around 30 feet after the oakland raider game. christien kafton is live at the coliseum and has been getting reaction from fans and has new information. >> reporter: we have new information, whether this individual fell or jumped. right now, oakland police are
8:01 am
treating this as an accidental fall. let's show you the seen. we do know that that fan fell from -- we do know the fan fell from the third level of that concourse down to the lower level here. we've also learned the fall was on the outside of the stadium. so you are looking at the exact areaor the exact type of fall that individual would have taken. that's somewhere between 30 to 50 feet. oakland police told me that they estimated -- estimated that fall between 0 feet. he fell during the -- during the raiders and broncos' game. there were some conflicting reports over this, whether this individual jumped or fell. that incident is still under investigation by oakland police. fans we spoke to say that -- that that call could be dangerous and that fans need to watch out for their own safety. >> it's your personal
8:02 am
responsibility to be safe. sent be stupid. don't drink too much. have a good time but be safe -- don't be stupid. don't drink too much. have a good time but be safe. >> reporter: now, the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the raiders are saying they have no information beyond what investigators are releasing. but their thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victim in the fall. but the new information we've learned that fall did occur on the outside of the stadium, the victim fell on the concrete. at this point, oakland police are treating it as an accidental fall but that's very much under investigation. for now we're live here in oakland, carded ktvu channel 2 news. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. there there is a federal
8:03 am
investigation intowocharge es. the school district says -- chargers. the school district is cooperating with the department of labor. and we're still waiting and watching the u.s. supreme court for what it may say. the high court is meeting behind closed doors. brian flores is in san francisco's castro district to tell us what might have -- to tell us what might happen today. >> dave, the latest we're hearing that is the u.s. supreme court will take some type of action, whether they will or not, early on later this morning or the afternoon, on whether or not they are gonna hear, postpone or postpone -- or deny anything on prop 8. the justices are meeting behind closed doors. let's lay out what could happen
8:04 am
this morning. the first thing, the court may post a list of cases it will grant for review. if that happens, that means a hearing on prop 8 to start next year and a decision could be reached by next year. the secondly the court could decide what to do. if that happens that would mean the lower court's ruling would stand and that same-sex couples would marry as early as next week. the third situation -- this is something that happened on monday, the justices would simply put -- hold any action until further notice. they are not required to provide any reason why. but it could be until january. we'll keep following this throughout the morning and afternoon if there is a decision that comes down. we're live here in the castro. back to you. new reports out that there may be only two people at thefully negotiating at the fiscal cliff negotiating
8:05 am
table. john boehner only wants to negotiate with president obama. hes has asked that senate leaders and nancy pelosi be kept away from future talks. even those excluded those say clearing the negotiating room will improve the chance for success. the closely-watch the unemployment report came out -- watched unemployment report came out. it was better than expected. they added 146,000 jobs in november. the unemployment rate fell. coming up -- how this affects the fiscal cliff negotiations. the s.w.a.t. team surrounded an apartment late last night. we don't have any other details, but the s.w.a.t. activity ended around 2:00 a.m. no word if any arrests were made. a labor dispute at oakland international airport could erupt into a full-blown strike during holiday traffic.
8:06 am
union members picketed yesterday on behalf of nonunion members who they say have been mistreated. this coincides around one of the busiest times of the year at the airport. >> this is a busy time of year, a lot of passengers coming in and out of the airport, people will appreciate the work these concession workers do when they can't buy their candy on their way to grandma's house. >> reporter: union members have given a december 17th deadline to address complaints -- by union members. survivors of the attack in pearl harbor will be honor today at the coast guard island in alameda. this tragedy sent the united states into world war ii. today's ceremony will include the arrival of veterans and world war ii era military
8:07 am
members. breaking news in the east bay. a car reportedly on fire up in the oakland hills. there's some video -- this was taken about six minutes ago. we're trying to identify particularly that location. you can see for yourself, the smoke billowing from an area in the 13000 block of campus drive. this is near merit college. no word of any injuries. but you are seeing what we've been seeing up in the oakland hills. we'll bring you the latest information on what's happened as soon as it is available. let's head to tara with an accident on the peninsula. tara? >> yeah, it's in san mateo, 280 northbound at highway 35 or skyline boulevard. there's been an accident there, just about every day this week, i've noticed. slow going on the east shore freeway. let's take a live look at our cameras. your northbound traffic toward the airport very slow going. 880 near the oakland coliseum.
8:08 am
also sluggish northbound. that's causing massive delays there where it effects to 580. this is really being felt all the way up through oakland as you approach the macarthur maze. the bay bridge toll plaza, we have the metering lights on. it's gotten better here over the past half-hour. you are probably looking at a couple of minutes extra. 8:07. let's check in with rosemary. happy friday. a few high clouds overhead. patches of fog. all in all, still a good- looking start to the day. a good looking afternoon in store for you. it's a cold start out air. quite a chill. mostly clear skies, calm conditions. really allowing our temperatures to plunge. in addition to the cold numbers. fog has formed in our low-lying areas. we have dense fog reported in napa, livermore. take it easyt there. over the course of the next hour, we'll be left with the sunshine and high clouds for
8:09 am
today. 37 peg in santa rosa. still holding -- degrees in santa rosa. still holding on onto the 30s in your air na. 41 in con-- area. 41 in concord. in the bay area, widespread mid- to upper 40s is where we stand at this hour. low 60s in the forecast for your afternoon. that's above average. typically this time of year we're looking at upper 50s for the afternoon. so 62 in novato with a mix of sunshine and high clouds. 62 in oakland. 61 in san francisco. 62 in hayward. as we slide out a little bit. widespread 60s from redwood city, mountain view, gilroy, santa cruz, it's a mostly sunny start. look at your forecast if you are headed to do some skiing in tahoe this week. mostly sunny skies. the overnight lows, brrr! teens and low 20s afternoon highs in the 20s. your extended forecast here at home, it's a great weekend to be here at home whether you are going to do some holiday
8:10 am
shopping, get outdoors, maybe an outdoor brunch. temperatures will remain the low to mid-60s for your saturday. perhaps a few upper 60s in time for sunday. back to you. some san francisco supervisors are questioning whether the police should carry stun guns. the police department wants -- once issued a weapon to officers with specialized training. during a hearing yesterday, several supervisors feared officers would rely on that weapon too much. only the police commission has the authority to approve the stun gun proposal. san jose police are angry about a flier inside utility bills. it went out to 194,000,000 san jose house dangerous -- 194,000 san jose households. the independent auditor put out the flier. >> it's important that people know that they have the right to complain if they feel they have a complaint or concern.
8:11 am
>> here's some ideas how to start a neighborhood watch. here's some phone numbers. >> the police union says the insert comes at a time when the department was dealing with low morale. there is a section on the san jose website where people can compliment the police as well. bay area netflix may be tanted by the securities and exchange information. the facebook -- may be targeted by the securities and exchange information. a ceo who is at the center of it all. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
8:12 am
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tgif to you. a splendid weekend in store. dry, mild weather for your afternoon. we, the bay area is home to some of the least affordable cities in the country. san francisco ranks second and san jose ranks 6th in a survey by the national association of home builders. the survey is based on a medium home price verses the -- verses the income of homeowners. the median home price is $659,000 while the median incomis $103,000. that means only 31% of homes are affordable to the average person in the city. democrats and republicans are in washington and they are trying to make this morning's
8:15 am
job report fock -- job report work for them. economists say democrats get the win. more jobs plus an improving unemployment rate means president obama gets some new ammunition in this fight over the fiscal cliff. let's take a look -- a look at the numbers. the labor department reports 146,000 job were -- jobs were added last month. the unemployment rate reached a four-year low, 7.7%, from 7.9% the year before. democrats say the report shows the economy is improving enough that the wealthiest 2% of americans can afford a tax increase. but house speaker john boehner just talked to reporters here at the capitol. he says increasing tax rates will jeopardize the gains. he sounds very frustrated about where the talks are right now. >> this isn't a progress report because there's no progress to
8:16 am
report. when it comes to the fiscal cliff that's threatening our economy and threatening jobs, the white house has wasted another week -- another week. >> reporter: there are reports this morning that fiscal cliff negotiations are really between president obama and speaker boehner right now. the speaker said he spoke on the phone with the president yesterday and it was a pleasant conversation. but more of the same. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:15. bay area sheriffs may be changing how they deal with suspected illegal immigrants. state attorney general kamala harris recently told the sheriffs they don't have to hold illegal immigrants want to deport them. she said those with serious criminal record -- records should be detained and deported and local departments have to decide how to handle others. police made several arrests
8:17 am
at the building where hundreds chose to report the so of netflix may be in trouble for something he put on facebook. back in july, he wrote on his page that netflix employees are
8:18 am
enjoying a billion hours of movies a month. the s.e.c. is considering a cease and desist order.
8:19 am
protesters in egypt are showing their opposition to mohammed morsi. in the speech, president morsi refused to back off his controversial decree giving himself sweeping new powers. he did invite political opponents to a meeting tomorrow at the presidential palace. 8:18. the organization human rights watch accusing israel of violating laws of war during the recent conflict with palestinians in gaza. the group is citing an israeli strike at a home in gaza that killed 12 civilians. now, israel says the home is a hideout for a senior hamas
8:20 am
militant involved in rocket attacks. but human rights watch says that man was a low-ranking police officer. meantime, more violations against the bangladesh clothing factory, the one that caught fire last month. according to "the associated press" the company lost its fire certification in june because the -- because the building was not up to code and the building was only supposed to be three stories tall but it had been expanded illegally with a ninth store -- ninth story added at the time of the fire. 8:19. new questions about spending by the department of homeland security. the agencies unusual training exercise in southern california and why it is being called a waste of tax payer money. we're looking out side the window. this is what it looks like right now. there's pockets of thick fog. rose maregy coming -- is coming back and says sunny weather.
8:21 am
and 101 through san francisco. your southbound traffic looking sluggish as you make your way through the airport -- through the airport. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets,
8:22 am
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8:23 am
a u.s. senator is questioning spending on towner terrorism summit held in san diego last month. specifically tom coburn questions the feature of the summit called the zombie
8:24 am
apocalypse. organizers say it was meant as a training exercise. more than $3 billion has been spent on homeland security according to coburn's report. the s.e.c. may change the rules about using -- the fcc may change the rules about electronic devices. the new york times report the chairman wants you to be able to use your electronics all of the time. he sent a letter to the federal aviation administration, they plan to consider it. let's check traffic right now. tara, what are you seeing on the roads now? >> i'm gonna take a look at your bay area bridges. we have an accident to report. i can show you exactly where. just past the toll plaza on 580 westbound. you can see that we have this accident right here.
8:25 am
it's blocking one of the lanes and causing backups. up next we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this has kind of been fluctuating. it is looking good and better. give yourself a little bit of extra time here but not nearly as bad about an hour, hour and a half ago. up next a look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is flowing nicely in both directions. westbound side on the right- hand side as you make your way towards foster city. you are in good shape. 8:24. here's mose mary. patchy fog out there this morning. along the drive, especially our low-lying areas. in the valley you will find that in areas near napa and livermore. take it easy out there and that cold air really directing -- collecting toward the ground. we're off to a chilly start. temperatures still holding in the upper 30s to low 40s. inland, 40s around the bay, we'll be mostly sunny, slightly warm for your afternoon. afternoon highs for today, 63
8:26 am
santa rosa. 61 for san rafael as well as san francisco. 63 pacifica. low 60s along the east bayshore line and inland. into the south bay, temperatures will warm into the low 60s for san jose, morgan hill, los gatos. 63 in santa cruz. there's your extended forecast. make those plans, a nice, nice afternoon for some bike riding. if you are gonna be out doing your holiday shopping, the weather should not get in your way. fair skies for mid- to upper 60s in the afternoon. 8:25. the royal pink that's now backfired in a -- the royal prank that's now backfired in a deadly way. we're live in san jose where a fire at a popular strip mall is causing a lot of problems for neighboring businesses this morning. >> reporter: ucsf is set to lose state funding if it doesn't enroll more students. n
8:27 am
8:28 am
at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school,
8:29 am
or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. welcome back. the power is out at a san jose shopping center where a fire last night broke out in two restaurants. the shopping center is on san felipe road in the evergreen area. ktvu's janine de la vega has been there since 4:30 this moring and is back now to tell us how other bizs are affected. janine? >> reporter: well, there's no fire damage on the outside of the building but the electricity is still out here. this business was supposed to open up at 6:00 a.m. this moring. but it just opened up around 30 minutes ago. they had to bring in bread from sunnyvale and are doing all
8:30 am
transactions by hand. the problem started last night when the smoke started to fill the panda express and the pasta shop. everyone was evacuated. firefighters say they initially had difficulty finding the flames. the fire was located between the crawlspace and the attic. firefighters say there's no sign of smoke damage but it appears to have affected the electricity. customers hoping to go in were turned away earlier this morning. >> i always come here to get my kids a bagel before school starts right now. so now they don't get a bagel tad -- today. they don't get a bagel today. >> reporter: employees were sitting in the restaurant in the dark with candles. pg&e has been called and they've also called the fire department because they have more questions. fire officials say they suspect
8:31 am
the cause of the -- of the blaze was electrical. i just spoke to the manager there and he told me that he does not believe they are gonna be open today. he's just getting in. he says there's a lot of water damage. so they need to do a lot of mopping up in there and again, the electricity is still out in all of the building. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:30. we have developing news coming in from britain. a london has confirmed one of the employees, the one who was tricked by the prank phone call trying to find out how kate middleton was doing, that employee committed suicide. now, on tuesday, two deejays made that prank call, pretending to be queen elizabeth and prince charles, trying to get information on kate middleton being treated for acute morning sickness. now the body of the nurse who talked to them on that prank phone call, her body was found this morning just yards away
8:32 am
from the hospital. she was the one who first took that prank call and then transferred it into the duchess' ward. prince william and kate middleton say they are sadden toed -- saddened to hear about the death of the nurse. there's new developments in the ucsf as they fight to keep accreditation. how the school's enrollment can affect the funding they get from the state. >> reporter: we just talked with a professor here and she said she believes in the school and more students will enroll if faculty members start to send a more positive message about the school. city college needs to enroll 34,000 full-time students to keep the funding. last year, it was placed on probation. administrators expect to fall thousands short in enrollment in school year. it's the second year in a row,
8:33 am
so the state may fund the college at a lower rate. that is likely to decline course offerings and lower enrollment. >> i feel like they think they will automatically go somewhere else. we're just trying to get the worst out that the school is still open. >> reporter: the potential loss of funding is one of several problems facing the school. a wig deadline is ahead for the school. on march 15th it has to sfo -- to show a report saying it has made the necessary changes. they are confident about the college's future. reporting live in san francisco, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:32. thieves robbed the home of one of california's most powerful
8:34 am
republicans. republican darrell issa. last thursday, more than 50 pieces of jewelry worth and estimated $100,000 was stolen from the home in san diego. a spokesperson says those items werer replaceable -- were irreplaceable. darrell issa is worth $700 million. he made his money producing car alarms and other car security -- car security products. a group made up of 24 teenagers and adults were eating at a restaurant in fort lauderdale yesterday. they say the thieves stole $12,000 in cash. one member of the group was able to have some money wired so they could spend the night in a hotel. no word yet if that other group is going to return to oakland today. funeral services will be held for two teenaged girls who were shot to death in oakland last
8:35 am
month. services for 15-year-old raquel will be held sunday at cooper's mortuary. a mass will be held on monday. 16-year-old bobbi will be remembered saturday. the girls were found near brookdale park and were shot as many as 36 times. no arrests have been made. the family of a berkeley woman killed outside of a middle school had the theory of the attack. loved ones of pamela have set up a memorial next to longfellow middle school. the crime scene is just a block from her report. mull listens was gunned down -- mullins was gunned down on tuesday night. her family says she was making a quick trip to the store. >> i hated for that to happen like that she -- we had dinners. she was the salad girl. she would always make the big salads and bring them. it's wrong. it's just wrong. >> mullins was reportedly seen arguing with a man and a woman
8:36 am
before the shooting. she's a caregiver and had six brothers and sisters. 8:35. police in mill valley arrested the manager of an assisted living facility for fraud, identity theft and elder abuse. kapra is accused of stealing more than $40,000 from a woman who lived at the marin assisted living facility. their family noticed charges that they say she could not have been made. now police are investigating whether there may be other victims. >> we entrust those who are limited to what we consider responsible professionals. >> now, advocates for the elderly say this case is an example of the need for more oversight of assisted living facilities. the owner of marin terrace lives in santa barbara and is not on that site on a regular basis. well, today is the 71st
8:37 am
anniversary of. attack on hear harbor which propelled the u.s. to world war ii. bay area survivors will be lighting the bea condition -- beacon there. they will do it at dusk. it will -- sunshine until dawn. it was turned off so it would not be a guide for enemy planes that day. it stayed dark until 1964. it's now lit every year on this day, december 7th, these are live pictures of the beacon that we're talking about. 8:36. there's an accident on the san rafael bridge that tara moriarty is watching for us this morning. tara? >> reporter: yes, 580 westbound near the toll plaza, there is an accident blocking a lane there. it's creating backup. so give yourselves extra time if you need to get from the richmond area into marin county. now at the bay bridge toll plaza, the congestion has gotten worse over the past half- hour, we thought we were in the clear and it's beginning to get
8:38 am
worse again. give yourself an extra five, ten minutes to get into san francisco right now. 880 near the oakland coliseum, an absolute nightmare in the northbound direction if you are traveling toward downtown oakland. i'm looking at my map right now, can i see that 8 0 is pretty congested in the northbound direction all the way from fremont up through the mccarther maze. up next, let's take a look at 237, milpitas. traffic on the right side of your screen there, westbound as you drive towards sunnyvale, again, stop and go. 8:37. here's rosemary. happy friday. our weather is shaping up nicely just in time for your weekend. a live look at the oakland escue airy. we have blue skies -- estuary. we have blue skies. a few high clouds. it's cold. giving you a look at stormtracker here, without the clouds overhead, we've seen the temperatures plunge in the overnight hours. we're slowly beginning to
8:39 am
recover now that the sun has been up for an hour and a half. with the calm conditions this allowed us to see the temperatures not only fall but reach their saturate -- saturation point. i'm talking about you napa, livermore, visibility down to about a quarter mile. so getting out the door early this morning, take it easy. we have another hour or so before it will begin to burn off. temperatures still holding in the upper 30s but slightly better than where we sat an hour ago. 39 in novato, 37 in santa rosa. upper 30s in fairfield. still holding onto the low 40s in concord as well as livermore. around the bay area, mid- to upper 40s outside your door. this is definitely some of the chillier weather in this area. petaluma, 43, outside your door with calm conditions and a little bit of fog. into the 10:00 hour, widespread blue out there. low to mid-50s. so we'll be feeling better into the 10:00 hour and then by lunchtime, feeling pretty good. upper 50s to low 60s in the
8:40 am
forecast, with low 60s in the forecast for the second half of your day. 61 for san francisco for the afternoon. 62 in san mateo. low os wed road city, mountain view, san jose -- low 60s, redwood city. mountain view, san jose, a few degrees above the seasonal average. so actually running warm for december. your extended forecast here and we're gonna warm it up more -- into your weekend, afternoon highs, mid- to upper 60s. i do see the possibility of some wind coming our way with an offshore wind coming by sunday afternoon. i will be watching that for you. all in all, just a good-looking forecast and several days of dry weather. back to you. well, vallejo police arrested a squatter accused of attacking two men trying to repair a foreclosed home. this happen on florida street. the female squatter chased them with a knife. they hid behind their truck but snapped a cell phone photo of
8:41 am
the woman holding a knife. angel thomas, 39, has been booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. we're learning more about the shooting death of an antioch man at an apartment complex last month. police arrested three men in connection with the health of juan hernandez. suspects went to the apartment where they thought the thief was. their stoles were taken -- their collects were taken. and hernandez was killed. police say he didn't have anything to do with the laundry hest. it's a coffee that will really open your eyes. why elephants are keyed to an exotic coffee. it's not cheap. >> reporter: a man tumbles 30 feet or her last night at the
8:42 am
raiders' game.
8:43 am
8:44 am
well, there's a look at the big board this morning. the dow is hanging just under 46. we've heard from house speaker
8:45 am
john boehner talking about the fiscal cliff saying there's been no progress made. he's asking the president to produce a new offer and describe their conversations as pleasant but just more of the same. markets don't seem to be reacting too dramatically to the statements this morning. well, t-mobile could start carrying the iphone, the company announced it will start selling apple products next year. it did not mention the specific products by name. it could mean that iphones and maybe ipads will be coming to stores. right now, t-mobile is the only carrier among the national companies that does sell the iphone. 8:44. let's bring you up to date on some top stories -- japan just had another after shock. it was a 5 pie 0. it hit northeast japan less than a half-hour ago. now, around midnight, there was a 7.3 quake in japan. since then there have been
8:46 am
several aftershocks. that earlier quake triggered a three-foot tsunami. just hours before secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in ire rand, police seized a bomb and they -- ireland, police seized a bomb and they say hillary clinton was never in danger. oak police are investigating after a man fell about 30 feet from the stands last night during the raiders' game. ktvu's christien kafton has been out there at the stadium since 4:30. what's the latest and the reaction to fans? >> reporter: yeah, dave, we spoke with oakland police about 15 minutes ago. they tell me they are treating this as an accident so far. but it's still under investigation this morning. take a look here at the coliseum. you get a sense of how serious this fall was.
8:47 am
fan fell outside of the stadium. so the area that you are looking at, rather than inside the stadium, he landed on the concrete below of 30 to 40 feet. he fell during the raiders' game. emts, deputies and oakland police were all on scene for the game. there are soil com-- there are still some conflicting reports. oakland police are waiting for the victim to come to so they can continue the investigation. but sports fan we spoke with say it's a very long drop and that fans need to watch out for their own safety. >> i've herd about it a couple of times. the rails are like three, four feet. you figure if you are not paying attention, you can fall. unfortunately, he fell yesterday. >> reporter: emergency workers took that man to highland hospital, three and a half miles away with serious injuries. so far they've not released anything about his identity.
8:48 am
no updates on his medical condition. the raiders say they have no information beyond what investigators are releasing at this point but that their prouds -- thoughts and prayers -- and prayers are with the family and victim of the fall. we're trying to get a sense when the victim may come to so they can get a better sense on exactly what happened last night. we'll continue to follow up on this story and bring you more details as they become available to us. for now we're live in oakland, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. well, the nfl says it would help the raiders build a new stadium. roger goodell says it's crucial that the raiders improve their coliseum and the nfl would help pay for it. the raiders have held talks about this. commissioner goodell says they could share the stadium with the team in santa clara. but that deal will have to would be worked out between the
8:49 am
two teams. the nfl may get rid of kickoffs. the nfl has already moved the kickoff from the 30 to the 35 yard line trying to cut down on violent collisions. one coach says instead of a kickoff, the team would get the ball and the team could punt and -- >> football is a contact sport. you have to have it. plain and simple. >> a lot of fans say football would not be the same without a kickoff. but there are those in the league that support the idea saying it's only a matter of time before kickoffs are eliminating. well, new legal problems for comedian katt williams who now says he's unretired from standup comedy. an arrest warrant has been issued for him. the chp says williams almost hit five people when he drove his motorcycle onto sidewalk.
8:50 am
williams also failed to show up at an arraignment in seattle to fate charges that he hit a man with a microphone and threw chairs at fans. despite that confer, his manager says he's not retiring and will continue with his nationwide tour. vallejo police are investigating reports of bullying at an amendmentary school that apparently made a 10-year-old girl thinking about suicide. her parents found a suicide note in her bedroom. parents claim two boys have been harassing their daughter with lewd comments and sexually suggestive actions. the parents called vallejo police who are investigating. new information about a former albany middle school teach who killed himself who killed himself after being used -- being accused of sex crimes. now the teacher exchanged thousands of photos, texts and videos with an underaged students allegedly and he also
8:51 am
allegedly kitted and fondled a student on the school grounds. he was arrested in september after police searched his hole. he committed suicide -- his home. he committed suicide a few days later. the investigation continues. an investigation is underway in alameda after a man's body was found in a grocery store parking lot. it was found yesterday afternoon in a car outside of nob hill foods. the county coroner identified the man as 53-year-old aldan mau. investigators still want to know how he died. uc berkeley scientists say they've found and important clue to fight a chronic illness. researchers say a gene that turns carbs into fat may be responsible for fatty liver disease. they say future -- doctors say a high-carb diet that includes things like breads and pastas can cause liver disease.
8:52 am
coffee that would cost you $50 a buck and it comes from beans that pass through an elephant. the growers behind this black ivory coffee in thailand learned that feeding the elephants the beans and having them come out the other end adds a certain magic to the beans. >> there's acid in the stomach and that breaks down the protein and that's one of the things responsible for bitterness. so you have a coffee without the bitterness of regular coffee. >> i love it. it's something different. it's -- there's definitely something wild about it that i can't put a name on. >> very interesting. very novel. the flavor is nice. the coffee founder has spent $300,000 developing that idea. and you know it won't cost peanuts either. i had to say that. 8:52. still ahead.
8:53 am
new reports that says california's stem cell agency has done a lot for science but more needs to be done and it can be improved. tara will have the last check of your morning commute, including foggy conditions. there they are. you can't even see the sunol grade but it's there somewhere. 8:52. when we come back, "mornings on 2." 3çíño%
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8:55 am
welcome back. 8:54. new details about a story we first told you about at 4:30.
8:56 am
oakland police say eight people were arrested after the s.w.a.t. team served search warrants near 79th and macarthur overnight. they've been detained for various offenses, including illegal possessions of firearms. reportedly, a rifle and handgun were also seized. we have an update on this. we told but this, an oakland hills car fire. well, the fire is out. crews are still out there on campus drive near merit college. that plume of smoke filled the air. the first call came in about 8:00 this morning. the fire department tells us no injuries have been all righted. california's stem cell agency is being cite sized for how its grant money is being handed out. a newly released report found that the institution has donated about half of the bond say vote -- state voters approved.
8:57 am
no wrongdoing was found but the report did recommend that there be a restructuring to avoid a conflict of interest appearance. there's more fallout between christina ologi and the city's department on the state tis of women. it's reported that she lashed out during the city hearing yesterday at the group. she claims she was bullied after she voted to reinstate ross mirkarimi. she did lose her re-election bid back in november. the salvation army, one of the great charities, ringing the bells at union square and tara moriarty will be there as well. that's right. rita williams, tom vacar and i will be ringing our bells. the police chief and fire chief will be onhand. let's take a look at our road conditions outside. some heavy fog at the sunol grade.
8:58 am
we've had patches of it all morning long. be careful. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a little bit of backup. here is a look at cars across the span as you drive into san francisco. a little bit slow going but moving well. in the city, the sun trying to come out here, traffic looking great in both directions. good morning to you. a relatively pleasant weekend in store. we're going to be dry. we're going to be mild. the afternoon, chilly. a little bit of fog in some areas along the valley floor, in napa, livermore especially thick. take it easy out there. but outside of that, quiet weather for the weekend. holiday shopping, take your pick of things to do. >> you are ordering us to enjoy your weather? >> absolutely. >> we can do it. that's our report this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> and be sure to join us at noon to find out if the
8:59 am
security decides to take up the issue of proposition 8. we're always here at and thank you for joining us. have a great friday.
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